Pawnee Buttes National Grassland

Pawnee Buttes
What is now a sea of grass and sky called Pawnee National Grassland was once littered with hopeful frontier families foraging westward in humble wagons. The Homestead Act brought around six million settlers to the West’s plains by 1890, but harsh winters and droughts crushed their hopes of growing crops.
Yesterday I made my second trip to the Pawnee Buttes. This is a wonderful get-away from the daily hustle and bustle of town. With only about 35 visitors a day, it’s the place for beautiful solitude. The is a birdwatchers paradise and well worth the drive. This prairie is just like it was when people traveled the Overland trail. Nice to find the wide open grassland and imagine the Indian people and cowboys who first rode those lands. If you like open areas, this is for you. There is a decent hiking trail to the Pawnee Buttes. There are some neat areas to explore once you are at the Buttes. I love the wide open spaces and blue sky. It can get windy, so prepare for that.
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